You believe in something valuable. You want a full-service music house that will help your ideas spread. Let's talk.

    We help you:
1. Tell a better story - Our original music adds more emotional depth than library music to your story 99% of the time
2. Be more unique - We listen to your brand story and combine musical elements that better matches your core messages
3. Create a piece of art - We add a new layer of heart and soul to your project that helps your message more fully come alive

Blended Reel - A Little Bit of Everything

Commercial underscore, songwriting, arranging, production, & sound design

Commercial Underscore Reel

Custom/original music composition, sound design, and music production for advertisements.

Film Score Reel

Unique film/video scoring and production inspired by you/your story and perfectly timed to picture

Songwriting/Lyric/Arranging Reel

Compelling poetry by a lyricist arranged by a versatile composer in a full-range of styles and moods

Children's Audiobooks/Storybooks & Songs for Kids Reel

Voice-over/singer talent casting, music, sound effects/foley for children's storybooks & songs

Sound Design/Foley for Children and Commercial Usage

Original sounds and effects of all types from product launch videos to films to games and cartoons

Commercial Branded Content Reel

Custom jingles, identifiers/ID's, and theme songs for radio, podcast, & new/rebranding businesses

Transcriptions, Transpositions, and Part Preparation for Any Ensemble

We will transcribe, transpose, and notate any piece of music from lead sheets to a full orchestra

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Your ideas are valuable. Let us help you spread them.